What do I need to bring for my taxes?
These are some of the documents that you may need to bring in for your taxes. If you have any questions, don’t have some of these documents or are unsure – just come in to our office. We’re happy to help you and figure out what you need.
W2 for each employer you worked for
ID Social Security Cards (if you have them) any other tax documents
If you have kids: Something with their name and address (school documents, medical bills, etc) If you don’t have anything, still come in and we’ll help you.
Other documents may include:
1099 Misc
Self employed income & expenses
1099 INT Investment income
1098 T
Proof of dependents

What if I don't have all of my documents yet?
Bring in what you have and we can get you started
When can I file my taxes?
If you come in, we can get everything ready and you’ll be first in line for when the IRS starts accepting returns
Can I get a Christmas loan?
We on’t offer Christmas loans. However, we do offer a tax refund advance beginning in January. So if you want to come in with your documents as soon as you get them, we can help you get started.
Can I get and advance? How much?
Yes, we offer advances. You can get up to $6,000
How much does it cost to file my taxes with you?
It depends on your situation and what forms we have to file. Every tax return is different. However, we do offer a free estimate, so if you want to bring in your documents we can tell you what it will cost and you can make your decision then.
Do I have to make an appointment?
You don’t have to make an appointment. If you would like to then give us a call at (833) 676-7378 and we can get an appointment set up for you. Or you can just come in and we’ll get you in.