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Short Story About Our Company

OSO Tax is an industry leader providing full-service individual and business federal and state income tax return preparation.At OSO Tax, preparing tax returns is what we do. We ALWAYS take the time to ask the right questions and find all the deductions and credits you deserve, no matter what your occupation. And as you know, that could mean more money in your pocket.We are proud to offer our clients in-office income tax preparation from knowledgeable tax preparers. We differ from many other “franchised” Tax office in one very distinctive way. We have what we call “Senior Tax Preparers” that review every tax return that goes out of our office. This eliminates many of the mistakes that less experienced tax preparers may make. Our senior preparers have over 8 years experience in the industry, and take continuing education form the IRS every year to stay current on all of the changing tax laws.Another thing that sets us apart form the others is the fact that we take great pride in our work. We stand behind every tax return that we prepare. If for any reason you get audited, we will stand behind you and our work until the issue is resolved. You do not need to pay anything extra for this service, it is just how we do business, honestly and with pride.We are also open ALL YEAR!

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