Stimulus Updates (5/13/20)

Today is the last day to change bank account information for your stimulus check. If not changed by today, you will receive your check by mail, to your most recent mailing address with the IRS or Post Office. To add or edit bank account information, visit : Get My Payment

Another update for today: Many of the IRS services that were closed due to COVID-19 are reopening! Here is a comprehensive list of the phone lines that are now open to call at this time:

Open Toll-free LinesPhone Number
Automated Collection System-Small Business(800) 829-3903
Automated Collection System-Wages and investment(800) 829-7650
Automated Collection System- International(855) 519-4965
Enrolled Agent(855) 472-5540
Taxpayer Advocacy Panel(888) 912-1227
Governmental Liaison and Disclosure(866) 591-0860
Tax Fraud(800) 829-0433
Forms Ordering(800) 829-3676
Combat Zone(800) 908-0368
Centralized Lien(800) 913-4170
Lien Processing(800) 913-6050
Taxpayer Protection Program(800) 830-5084
Automated Collection System-special Compliance Personnel(800) 282-7220
Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts(866) 270-0733
E-Help(866) 255-0654
Economic Impact Payment(800) 919-9835
COVID-19 Relief Hotline(833) 676-2020
Business Master File(800) 829-4933
Practitioner Priority Services(866) 860-4259
International(267) 941-1000
Identity Theft(855) 343-0057
Small Business-Automated Substitute for Return(866) 897-3315

Stimulus Updates (4/17/20)

*We appreciate your patience at this time. We are experiencing a high volume of calls right now, but we are posting updates to our app and sending out text updates. To sign up for those, text OsoTax.En to 77948 for English, and OsoTax.Sp to 77948 for Spanish*

Have you experienced issues with your stimulus check? You’re not alone. The Washington Post says that glitches in the IRS system could affect up to 21 million Americans. Below are two links to articles that give suggestions from the IRS on how to move forward if you’ve experienced issues with your stimulus check:

Washington Post “Glitches prevent $1,200 stimulus checks from reaching millions of Americans”

Forbes “Millions Of Americans Haven’t Received Stimulus Payments Due To Glitches”

We are working hard to keep you updated on your stimulus check. Thank you for your patience.


In an effort to be proactive about the stimulus checks, here is a FAQ sheet for anyone who received an advance at our office, or who received a federal refund check here at the office.

Quick answers:

-If you usually get your checks from our office, the stimulus checks will be coming to your most recent home address.

-If “Get My Payment” says that your deposit was deposited into an account that you don’t recognize, please check the document titled

“EPS FAQ Sheet” that we have provided. It will have more information

Helpful Links:

Get My Payment
IRS Stimulus Q&A Website
IRS Coronavirus Website

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If my federal refund was sent to you, will you get my check?

A: No. The IRS will send the check to the address on your most recent tax return.We will not be receiving any of checks.

Q: When I checked my Payment Status, it says my check was deposited into an account that I don’t recognize. Does your office have it?

A: No, we do not have your check. The IRS sent it to a third party bank by mistake. The bank has rejected all deposits from the IRS and is sending them back to the IRS. You will be receiving your check by mail from the IRS.

Q: How can I check when my stimulus check will be here?

A: You can use the IRS’ Get My Payment tool to check where your stimulus check is. The IRS is starting with direct deposits, and then will be sending out checks starting in late April.

Q: Can I change my bank account information?

A: Yes. You can use the IRS’Get My Payment tool to change your bank account information. You will need a copy of your most recent tax returns to change your bank account information